Infatuation is what kick starts most musicians to pursue the dreams of being an artist; the love for an instrument and singing songs.

Nicholas Kazonis is in love with music, surely. He’s a musical spirit.

Fulfilling his life’s purpose, Nicholas has dedicated himself to being an artist. He’s a full time music teacher, spiritual optimist, philanthropist and musical independent.  

As an artist, Nicholas describes himself as a metaphorical writer.

“My contributions come from the diversity of my music. I try to take diversity of my music and show people that I can relate to anybody. If you are a human being, despite differences, I will relate to you and respect you.”

Nick has seen many accomplishments throughout his journey. He has a degree in Music Theory & Composition, a member of multiple bands, such as Caught on Cline, he was even appointed to compose Columbia College Chicago’s New Music Ensemble.

Nicholas Kazonis’s can be described as a musical jack of all trades, but perhaps his biggest accomplishment is his first Solo Album, “Season’s.”

Season’s was originally released in Spring of 2016 – an album that encapsulates some of the hardest trials & tribulations of his life. A musical diary. Each song is like an entry, and represents a time in his life where he was unable to express himself other than within his music.

While writing the album, Nick hit roadblocks. Unable to finish songs as planned, Nicholas allowed life’s natural waves of change aide its completion. Randomly, while in the studio or doing everyday life, an awakening would occur and the urge to finish a song would manifest.​ A sign that “season” was now complete.  On April 21 2017, Season’s is being re-released as a LIVE cd/dvd compilation featuring the entire Nicholas Kazonis band. Following the release, Nick plans to tour with the band by his side.


Other Nicholas Kazonis facts:

  • He makes time to teach over 50 music lessons a week  

  • He’s a board member of the Giving Backpack Foundation - a 501(c)3 organization

  • He’s tied greatly to his Greek roots - one of the first instruments he learned to play was the bouzouki.

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