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One needs to only observe Nicholas Kazonis performing for a moment to surmise that, surely, he was born with a guitar in his hand and a song in his heart. Countless musicians are blessed with the talent to make their craft look easy, but few are imbued with that innate ability to make it look as effortless as breathing. Nick is one such musician. From the agility and precision in his fingers to the seemingly boundless dexterity of his singing, the ferocity of Nick’s talent and well-honed ability are made apparent nearly instantly. However, even that undersells both the sheer volume of work and the versatility of skill sets that truly encompasses Nicholas Kazonis. 


A key illustration of that versatility is the variety of musical acts Nick takes part in. From solo efforts featuring only himself and a guitar, to performances with the Nick Kazonis Band, to his R&B fusion band Caught on Cline, to his avant-garde guitar duo i2i that defies expectations of what can be done on two guitars, Nick offers tremendous variety from show to show in terms of tone, style, and set lists. His first solo release, 2016’s Seasons, is an album that encapsulates the hardest struggles of his life, each song a true labor of love with life’s ebbs and flows guiding his pen to completion. From there, he gathered together the entire Nick Kazonis Band to release 2017’s Seasons LIVE, featuring live raw performances of the previous album’s songs with the flair of the full band behind him. 2017 also saw the release of Nick’s EP Reflections, a sequel of sorts to Seasons that Kazonis said “connects songs from past experiences to new ones, but with a new outlook.” Looking forward into 2020, Nick looks to release a new album, Shades of Blue. He’s also currently hard at work at releasing a large-scale project encompassing many different EP’s through Caught on Cline. Through Caught on Cline, he’s also released a number of albums and projects, from the self-titled album Caught on Cline (2015), to Unity and Diversity (2018), and through i2i released A Road Less Travelled (2018).


Over the years, Nick has also gotten to share the stage with and open up for a wide-range of tremendous talent. He’s opened for rock icons Boston as well as two-time Grammy nominee John Primer, and has performed with Grammy award-winning Marty Sammon (Buddy Guy Band, Otis Rush,) Kofi Baker (son of Ginger Baker, legendary member of Cream,) Tim Bales of Ides of March, Joe Marcinek, Shawn Maxwell, Jeff Brown,Marbin, Marcus Rezak, founder of the slam poetry movement Mark Kelly Smith, Pennal Johnson of Lubriphonic, Latin Grammy nominee Ruben Alvarez, Carl Coan, Kirk Garrison, Billy Foster, Liz Mandeville, and whole host of others. He’s performed at Chicago’s House of Blues, the Blues BBQ Festival in Griffith IN, and many other festivals across the Midwest and nationally. 


When he’s not on the business end of a microphone, Nick’s natural drive and hustle sees him as a musical instructor, for which he makes time to teach over 50 lessons a week, a board member of the Giving Backpack Foundation, and the founder and operator of Region Buzz 219, a Merrillville-based multimedia production and promotion company that sees him recording tracks, filming and editing video, and using social media to promote a wide variety of talent across the thriving Northwest Indiana music scene. It’s these efforts that display the true generosity of spirit that Nick has, working hard to ensure the future of regional music and help artists grow into their true potential and reach new audiences with his skilled hand and clear vision guiding them. 

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